Powerful capital and financial markets decision-making Software

Global and comprehensive view with advanced workflow and process automation spanning multiple financial instruments and asset classes
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Know More, Invest Smarter

Around the world, Financial and Capital Markets are becoming increasingly challenging, especially for financial institutions, trading rooms and institutional investors.

Quantitative analytics require robust, interactive and easy-to-use interface that we can provide with our innovative fully integrated software SaaS.

Our software will help our clients to evaluate investment opportunities, optimize their portfolios, and migrate financial risks.

Towards a proactive financial risk management

Our powerful, modular and scalable decision-making software allows you to manage, monitor and also anticipate risks across financial and capital markets.

Our values

A Software to drive Stronger Performance


Dedicated tools that help you make smarter, faster and better decisions across capital and financial markets.


Real-time financial data and powerful decision-making tools in a single fully integrated and modular software.


The issue of sustainability has become essential in order to achieve extra-financial performance.


Maximization of transparency, automation of certain decision-making processes - monitoring and instant connectivity to markets.

A Software to generate

Solid Financial Performance

At Capital Quant Agency, we develop and provide analytics and quantitative resources capable of producing better results for both institutional investors, investment – asset managers, financial institutions and hedge funds.

In addition to that, our smart decision-making tools allow our clients to manage and monitor in real-time through a single fully integrated software SaaS, in a perspective to improve their operations on markets and meet their requirements.

Our product

Modular Capital Markets SaaS

Global Markets

Asset Allocation

Fixed Income Analytics

Market Risk Analytics

Sustainability Reporting

Derivatives Analytics

Global Research

Portfolio Optimization

Performance Driven Software

Shaping the future of Finance

Capital Quant Agency thanks to its software SaaS has the ability to provide its clients a global and comprehensive view with advanced workflow and process automation spanning multiple financial instruments and asset classes.

Our innovative software SaaS can help its clients make better informed decisions, increase efficiency as well as revenue through maximization of transparency, automation and connectivity.

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Capital Quant Agency, innovative FinTech with cutting edge solutions
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